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Business Planning

Business & cash flow planning is not the only essential ingredient to successful businesses, but more often the business is based on a comprehensive business plan. As part of our business consulting process, we can assist with the preparation of business plans which provide SME's with a number of benefits.

Business plans have a variety of purposes. They can be used by business owners to provide them with a guide to establishing or growing their business or they can be used by external parties such as banks or private equity providers to assess the business.

A business plan should detail at least some or all of the following factors:

  • Business Opportunity
  • Details of management and organisation chart
  • Product analysis
  • Marketing plan
  • Industry analysis
  • Operational overview including control systems
  • Growth planning
  • Financial plan including profit and loss forecasts, cash flow and balance sheet projections

From a financiers perspective a business plan is particularly important for start up business' attempting to finance the purchase and or development of assets and the beginning of operations. It should be of equal importance to any business owner when assessing a business opportunity.

A poorly prepared business plan will not only result in the financier declining any request for financial accommodation, but potentially emphasize the business' inability to provide timely and accurate reports to meet loan covenant requirements.

Business Money provides business management consulting to assist business' with comprehensive business plans and financial modeling to assist management with its understanding of cash flow management , and compile the business plan in an acceptable format for any financier to consider new or an increases in funding.