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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a great business, why the bank does not see this?

Mortgage lenders are not risk takers, they assess the whole business and seek security when needed to provide comfort to the deal. Possibly you need someone to represent your interests and give you an objective view of where the issues are.

Can I find my own funder?

Of course you can, but do you want just any deal or the best deal!

It can be costly in time & dollars moving lenders if you realise you made the wrong decision.

I've approached several mortgage lenders, which one is the right one?

Be aware that you're leaving a trail of inquiries behind you.

All lenders do checks and are hesitant if they discover other lenders have passed on a deal. "Shopping around" is often unwise (dare I say, it can make you look desperate).

Why Business Money?

There are many options available today. If you talk with one or even two mortgage lenders, you only have access to their products.

They are unlikely to tell you about other options in the marketplace. Do you want any option or the right option?

What value do you place on having the right finance to meet your need?