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In today's competitive market, looking for finance can be time consuming and confusing.

At Business Money we take the headache out of searching for the right funder and right solution for you and your business. We do all the paperwork and negotiation.

The endless paper shuffling and questions from financial institutions can become tiresome and put many people off, so they remain with their existing financier or accept the first offer they receive.

Tell us about your business and what you need, and we'll endeavour to find you the best solution.

Why Business Money?

  • We will give you a quick, honest and objective assessment of your business and the options available.

  • We understand the realities of business because we're at the "coal face" not sitting in ivory towers passing judgement.

  • We have special relationships and are accredited with numerous banks and non-bank financial institutions.

  • We assist and negotiate on your behalf the whole way through and then throughout your financing relationship.

Don't let a lack of cash flow starve a promising business. Ensure you maximize all the opportunities available for your business to grow and prosper.